Best of 2016 Alumni Discount Registration

Thank you so much for being with Amanda Rose Online throughout 2016! Enjoy this extra special discount on the holiday season classes! If the 10 spots have already been taken you will be charged the adjusted holiday price of $50. <3

The Best of 2016


  1. Fill out and submit Registration Form found here. Click here to fill out the Weekly Dose Registration Form.
  2. Purchase your spot through the available paypal buttons at the bottom of this page. 
  3. Once you have completed 1 & 2, please fill out and return the following Amanda Rose Online Consent form before the start date of the session, if you're currently and Amanda Rose Online Alumni you will not need to fill this out again, but as a new student it is required and you will not be able to start class without! Click here to fill out the Amanda Rose Online Consent form. Without this form, you will not be permitted to start the session. 
  4. If any of these steps are missing, the participant will not be allowed to start the series.