Choreography Critique & Construction

Have a choreography that you want help developing?  Need new ideas about how to wow your audience? Love a song but you're not sure how to choreograph to it? Enlist Amanda Rose to help you take your piece to the next level! 

As opposed to a private lesson, the Choreography Critique & Construction is for dancers who have a piece they're working on, and want to elevate the piece or need help developing it. 

How it works!

-Fill out Inquiry Form, including the link of you performing your piece (not necessary to be in costume).
- Amanda Rose will watch your video and give you detailed critique on technique, musicality, staging, arrangement, projection/energy, personality, etc. Combined in this critique will be a detailed summary of constructive suggestions for your choreography and general dance abilities.
- In addition you will receive video drills for technique or combinations,
as well as visual and physical exercises to inspire your choreography. 
- Following the critique and summaries you will be able to correspond with Amanda Rose in order to clarify,
and continue to develop your piece. 
- For an additional fee you can add an extra evaluation to be completed after the piece has been reworked. This will give Amanda Rose the opportunity to see how you've applied the constructive advice and continue to advise and critique your piece for further development. 


Choreography Critique & Construction Basic Package- $75
Choreography Critique & Construction + Additional Evaluation - $100
Choreography Critique & Construction + Additional Evaluation + 1 Private Lesson $150

The Choreography Critique & Construction basic package is a flat rate of $75. This includes your detailed critique, summary and suggestions, drills and exercises for development and inspiration, and email/fb correspondence for clarification and reference on the current piece. Should you wish to add an additional evaluation after you have reworked your piece, the total cost is $100. In order to receive the additional evaluation at this reduced price, you must purchase initially and not after you have started receiving critique and feedback. If you would like more direct help with your piece, there is a private lesson package available as well for a reduce rate of $150 (includes basic package and additional evaluation).