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Choreography Creation Intensive

The Choreography Creation Intensive is an intimate and personalized program to help dancers develop their own choreography creation abilities, while addressing a range of varying topics. This is a dedicated series, where the word intensive is not used lightly. The number of students in the intensive is limited to 10 so that Amanda Rose can engage with each dancer personally, give them individual feedback, constructive criticism and personalized guidance. Each participant will have weekly homework and assignments that are required to be turned into Amanda Rose throughout the 10 weeks of the course. It is acceptable to miss a week, or fall behind, but there is a need to stress that this is a dedicated series that requires weekly attention and interaction. Think of this like it was a college course, because the demands will be similar, and the outcome will be well worth it!


What to Expect

Each week of this 10 week course will cover a different topic necessary to take into account when approaching choreography. There will be theory to read, and a 30 minute weekly class that will accompany the theory to help bring the concept alive to the students. Technique will be involved, BUT there is not a general stress on technical development in this series. Should you desire a weekly technique class as well, you can pair this intensive with one of the other AROnline series that will also be starting in May, more information coming soon. This pairing is actually recommended, because it will only strengthen each dancer's abilities, continue to offer more ideas, and keep technique strong to be utilized in their choreographies. While this Choreography Creation Intensive´s focus is not technique, it is a vital and necessary aspect of choreography that should not be overlooked. 

Over the course of the 10 weeks, each dancer will develop their own choreography with the aide of Amanda Rose. Each choreography will start from scratch and build up, using each week's theory lesson to put the pieces of the choreography together until you have a finished product at the end of the intensive. Each week, dancers will be required to turn into their weekly development and creation to Amanda Rose that maybe in the form of a written document, a video, etc. Each week, every dancer will receive individualized encouragement, critique and comments from Amanda Rose in the form of a Choreography Critique & Construction Evaluations in regards to the choreography's development, as well as other development interactions. As the course goes on, these interaction will become more involved and detailed as the choreography behinds to take shape. Essentially, each dancer will get a weekly Choreography Critique and Construction Evaluation helping to direct the dancer, resolve issues and roadblocks, and create a dynamic, well rounded piece. 

In addition to weekly theory reading and class, as well as weekly Choreography Critique & Construction Evaluations, each dancer will allotted four, 30 min private Skype lessons with Amanda Rose to be used over the duration of the intensive. These Skype lessons will help work through additional encountered problems,  to creatively brainstorm movements and musicality, clear up technique issues and develop the choreography. These private lessons are meant to be dispersed throughout the 10 weeks, so that dancers can take full advantage of Amanda Rose's help while developing the choreography. Additional private lessons can be purchased at a reduced rate during the course of the intensive. 

Each participant will also engage in a 10 week long mentorship directly with Amanda Rose! Dancers will have personal contact with Amanda Rose multiple times a week as they move through the stages of this course, a course that is designed to develop skills and growth within 10 weeks. That development requires hard work and dedication! Amanda Rose will be there to support you, guide you, and push you as you embark on a your Choreography Creation journey! Participants are responsible for their own commitment to the course, this intensive is meant to be just that, INTENSE! This is stated NOT because the commitment is overwhelming or too much, but because it is just that, a commitment. Be prepared to work on your choreography and make developments every week, videotape yourself weekly, turn in your video and then take that next week's theory lesson, and your Choreography Critique & Construction Evaluations to make changes, new developments and create new aspects to your piece every week! Its an involved process, but sure to have an outstanding outcome!  


Included in this series

- A 10 week mentorship with Amanda Rose! 
- Weekly Theory Development Lessons, each theory will apply directly to choreography development and presentation (10 weeks total)
- Weekly Class of 30 mins to develop the week's theory in movement (10 weeks total).
- Weekly personalized Choreography Critique & Construction Evaluation to monitor each dancer's development, help resolve issues, create a well rounded and dynamic choreography.
- Private Skype Lessons (4 each for 30 mins) for private instruction and interaction.  
- Access to each week's Theory Development and Weekly class for the duration of the intensive. 
- A finished choreography created throughout the course of the intensive.
- Amanda Rose original material to inspire your
own combinations and incorporate into your own choreographies. 
- Interactive Facebook group to ask questions and engage
with other Choreograph Creation Intensive participants and Amanda Rose.
- Returning Amanda Rose Online Alumni receive discounts off future
Online Intensive and Course purchases.
- Reduced price Private Lessons with Amanda Rose during
the online course, available for only $50 an hour! See Private Lessons for more info!



As an instructor my goal is to expand the mind of each of my students, to challenge them with technique that will set them free and teach them skills to allow their own artistic dreams come to fruition. It is never my goal to create dancers that look or dance like me, but to help each student and artist accomplish their own goals by giving them tools that will make the path to their own artistic expression more tangible. I appreciate all styles within the Middle Eastern dance genre, as well as other dance forms, and my desire is to help people express themselves how they wish to be seen regardless of style. I am a firm believer in understanding the roots and origin of movement styles, especially those based in culture and society, and then building your own expression with artistic integrity based in knowledge and thoughtful approach.  


Cost & Registration

The Choreography Creation Intensive is an in depth and personal series that develops a mentorship relationship with each participant and Amanda Rose. Space is limited to only 10 participants in order to dedicate the necessary time and attention to each dancer and their individual process. Over the 10 week intensive each dancer will receive; 10 theory lessons, 10 classes (30 mins)with movement directly related to the theory of that week, 10 personalized Choreography Critique & Construction Evaluation, 4 private lessons (30 mins), a finished choreography developed throughout the course of the intensive! All of this included and more, and the full cost of the Choreography Creation Intensive is just $349 and a payment plan option is available! (Recommended minimum of Intermediate to Advanced level for participation.)

Choreography Creation
Choreography Creation Intensive
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