Rules are as follows:

  • ·      Once you have paid and sent into your registration, you will receive access to the video. This video contains a short choreography that you must teach yourself and then videotape yourself performing. You will have 1 month from the day you get access to the video to teach yourself the choreography and send back the video of you performing it.
  • ·      You must perform the choreography in one straight shot, you cannot piece together clips of multiple performances.
  • ·      You must upload the video of yourself performing or send it to Amanda Rose in some fashion within 1 month of gaining access to the video. No Videos will be accepted after this date and you must turn in your submission form in order to receive the competition video. (It is not necessary to make the video of yourself public)
  • ·      There will be a small judging panel to select the winners and they will be announced on September 1st!
  • ·      It is recommended that you have at least 4 years of bellydance experience to audition for this competition, but not required.
  • ·      Cheaters of any fashion will be disqualified at the discretion of Amanda Rose.
  • ·      Participation in the competition does not exclude you from performing in the gala show. Feel free to submit to perform a solo or group piece regardless of your status within the Zikrayat Competition.

You will be judged on:

  • ·      Ability to learn choreography and perform with proficiency
  • ·      Technical ability and skill
  • ·      Charisma and Personality
  • ·      Fluidity and Grace
  • ·      Emulation of Tito’s style and technique without additional embellishments


By entering in the competition you agree to the following requirements should you be named a winner:

  • ·      Should you be selected as a winner of the competition you will then receive another video of a brand new full length Tito Choreography not to be shared with anyone. This is the choreography to be performed live at the Gala Show October 12th at Mesa Arts Center with Tito. There is no additional monetary prize for this competition.
  • ·      You will be required to teach yourself the choreography and know it in its entirety by the Friday, October 11th. 
  • ·      You will be required to send a video of yourself dancing the full length choreography no later than October 6th to assure that you know the choreography sufficiently.
  • ·      A blocking and staging map will be provided to the winners, showing the appropriate blocking for the stage.
  • ·      All winners are required to be in Phoenix, Arizona no later than 4pm on Friday, October 11th for a Friday night rehearsal with Tito! If you cannot make this rehearsal, or do not, you will not perform.
  • ·      You are not allowed to share the video of the choreography with anyone outside the competition winners. Should you need assistance learning the choreography, Amanda Rose will be available via skype or locally.
  • ·      Costuming for the event will be announced to the winners, you may need to purchase certain items, but not a full costume.
  • ·      All winners are asked to purchase a full weekend package for the event. Please buy early for early bird pricing!
  • ·      Amanda Rose reserves the right to cut or deny performance to anyone who does not know the choreography sufficiently enough to perform it with precision.
  • ·      This unique competition and prize will take a lot of coordination, so additionally Amanda Rose reserves the right to cut anyone who does not keep up with deadlines of requests, choreography, isn't communicative or fails to work well in a group.

For any questions please contact or Amanda Rose on facebook.


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By returning this form you agree to the terms of the competition and event presented here and on the website.

Pay Submission Fee Below

Zikrayat - Tito Competition $20