Competition Training

Looking to enter into the world of bellydance competitions? Whether this is your first competition or your 50th, let Amanda Rose guide you to reach the goals that you are aspiring for! As a competition veteran Amanda Rose has competed in many different dance competitions over the past decade, let her experience benefit you on your own competition journey and help you in achieving your own dance goals and desires!

Accolades & Accomplishments

Amanda Rose knows both the triumph of victory and the unpleasantness of loss, but always allows each experience to hold merit and make her a better dancer and performer. She is very honored to have won multiple competitions and placed in many others. Here are some of her most notable accolades. 

  •  Bellydancer of the Universe Champion - Egyptian Category 2008

  • Bellydancer of the Universe Group Champions - Group Category 2015

  • Bellydance Evolution 'Alice & Wonderland' - Boston & New York City 2015
  • Finalist in Raqs Of Course Festival - Randa Kamel - Cairo, Egypt 2014
  • Bellydance Evolution 'Alice & Wonderland' Debut - San Diego 2014
  •  Favorite Arizona Oriental/Cabaret Style Dancer 2013 - Arizona MECDA
  • Favorite Arizona Oriental/Cabaret Style Dance Company RSMC 2013 - Arizona MECDA
  • Munique Neith International Ballet Casting - Barcelona, Spain 2013-14
  • Favorite Interpretive Artist 2012 - Arizona MECDA
  • Featured on Project Bellydance Season 2
  • Bellydance Evolution 'Dark Side of the Crown' Debut - Los Angeles 2012
  • Midwest Bellydance Challenge Professional 2008