Glendale Community College Fall 2014 Class Choreography Song & Video

Resources for the Semester

Recommended Events

See my calendar in Workshops & Performances for local events I will be attending.

Here are websites that have calendars of local events in Arizona you can attend.
Shimmy Bliss Arizona Calendar - Calendar and website with great information by Yasmina.
Arizona's MECDA Chapter - Check out the Calendar and Upcoming Events for AZ happenings.
Plaza De Anaya Studio - Bellydance based Studio in Tempe that has many community events.

Local Venues To See Bellydance

Local Arizona venues to see bellydance, call for days and performance times. 

East Valley
Mijana - Tempe
Cafe Istanbul - Tempe
Pita House - Scottsdale
Tandoori Times - Scottsdale
Byblos - Tempe
Hubbly Bubbly - Tempe

West Valley
Cleopatra - Glendale
Tandoori Times - Phoenix & Glendale

Short List of Recommendations for Music

Pop Artists
Nancy Ajram
Amr Diab
Saad al Soghayar
Haifa Wehbe

Classical & Oriental
Masters of Bellydance Vol 1 - Great CD full of classic songs and great verions.
10 Songs Every Dancer Should Know - Compilation CD that "every dancer should know" ;)
Cairo Nights Vol. 1 - newly released with good versions of classic songs and some new versions of pop songs

Bangin' Bellybeats - This is a techno version of some popular classical songs as well as some general techno bellydance beats.
Beats Antique - Extremely popular within the fusion bellydance community.

Mixed - Compilations
Bellydance Superstars- they have many compilation albums, which have a good variety of everything. I recommend specifically 1, 2, 3 & 5 for beginnings looking to get new music, they offer a lot of fusion cds as well as some Shaabi options.

Shem's Recommendations - A very well thought out and written recommendations for websites and cd's you might be interested in.

Good Websites For Bellydance Music

Hollywood Music Center - Good for traditional and modern bellydance music, some fusion and folkore as well as arab pop artists.

Maqam - Good for Arab pop artists, traditional & folkloric music and some popular modern belly dance music.
Rachid - Good for Arab pop artists, some bellydance releases, and traditional Arab music and movies not necessarily for bellydance. No fusion.
Dahlal - All bellydance related music, some arabic pop, mostly oriental bellydance, not fusion. - Carries a lot of popular modern bellydance and fusion.
CD Baby - Type in bellydance, belly dance, middle eastern music, or tribal and you'll get some different options.


Costuming & Supplies

Local Phoenix Stores
Plaza De Anaya - Tempe (they have Zills and Veils)
SAS Fabric - Tempe, Glendale & Phoenix, they are a wide array of inexpensive fabric and supplies that you can make costumes and veils out of.

**Simple, cheap hip scarves can be found at many different locations around the valley in malls or at SAS Fabric**

Online Options
Bellydance Shoppe - online but also based in Phoenix, you might be able to go pick things up
Anaya Tribal - online but also sold locally at Plaza De Anaya
Rukshana Raks - professional costuming design, alterations and cleaning, also sold locally at Plaza De Anaya

Akai Silks - high quality, hand dyed veils
Fairy Cove - great quality, hand dyed veils that you can custom order as well as other silk props such as wings and fan veils Veil Selection - they offer a wide selection of lesser expensive veils, but be careful about which ones you buy because many are not specifically suitable for bellydance veil work.
Saroyan Zills - The highest quality and selection of zills available
Turquoise International - Some variety in zills and recommended by dancers.

Recommended Videos

Click here to see the page of recommended videos.