The Musicality Intensive - Part 1 & 2

Part 2
Oct 10th - Nov 21st

Part 1
Aug 9th - Sept 19th


The New Musicality Intensive - Part 1 & Part 2

Because of the depth of information in this series, it has now been divided into two separate courses of 6 weeks each. You are not required to sign up for both parts of the series, you can select to only do Part 1. If you are wanting to do Part 2, it does require previous participation in the Musicality series in 2015 or completion of Part 1. If you sign up for both Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time you will receive a discount!
I do suggest doing both Part 1 and Part 2 because they offer different exercises, theory and ideas. Part 2 is more advanced theory and more personalized interaction. 


What to expect 

This Online Musicality Intensive is designed to help students understand a traditional approach to musicality, and understand traditional musicality choices for American Cabaret & Egyptian style, but more importantly, how to listen to music, map your song, and make informed decisions how to approach it. In order to do this there will be information on understanding arabic instruments, and basic to advanced concepts on the composition of Arabic music for the purpose of dancing. There will be in depth exercises on how to listen to your music, song and choreography mapping, how break it apart into digestible pieces, and then enable you to create the vision that the music inspires you to create. These skills are directly transferable to non arabic, fusion, or western music as well. 

This Intensive has been split into two, 6 week series, and will consist of 1 class per week. Every Tuesday during the course of the Intensive you will receive access to the new material. Any homework, assignments, videos, etc. will be required to be turned in on Mondays so that feedback can be returned the following day. All information, videos, links, music will be accessible on the respective Musicality Intensive pages on this website. Both Part 1 & 2 will work on the same piece of music to create one complete choreography, as well as additional music used for learning purposes. If you only participate in Part 1, you will learn sections of a choreography, but not a complete choreography. 

This is an information heavy series, the word intensive is not used lightly. My goal is to make sure you learn, that you expand your knowledge base, that you grow as a dancer and that you get the most you can out of this intensive. There are weekly assignments to turn in, and participation is required to maintain in the series. It's important to stay on top of the series, stay on top of the assignments and make time weekly for this intensive. If you do not participate into the program, turn in assignments, and basically become an invisible participant, you will be removed from the series. This series is meant to be participated in, not just read and watched. It is important to apply the theory and use the exercises to learn and grow. All weeks will stay accessible until the end day of the Intensive. One week after the intensive is finished the access will close.

The Musicality Intensive Part 1 & Part 2 will have designated Facebook groups for the intensive participants to interact, ask questions, post homework answers and work through the process together. Amanda Rose will be accessible through this group, FB messages and email for classification or any questions you might have along the way. 



The main goal and purpose of this intensive is that you will walk away with a better understanding of traditional musicality choices, Arabic instruments and Arabic musical composition. You will gain valuable skills on song mapping, musicality breakdown and exercises to bring your visions to life. You will learn an Amanda Rose choreography used as a musicality reference to help your path, as well as technique and combinations to inspire your own work. The process also helps you create your own choreography with the guidance of Amanda Rose and the support of the intensive participants, enabling you to put the skills and exercises into practice immediately and see how they work for you. Additionally, these skills are applicable to non Arabic music, and you will enjoy the advantages of your new knowledge regardless of style or preference. 


Included in these two series is 

- Arabic Instrument Introduction & Details
- Traditional Instrument Interpretation Explanations
- Technique & Combos for Traditional Musicality
- An Amanda Rose original choreography, with broken down technique & exercises demonstrating musicality choices. 
- In-Depth Tutorial on Choreography Mapping
-Effective musicality diagnosing exercises. 
- Your own personal choreography project!
- Assignments based specifically on your personal project helping you develop your own piece! 
- One choreography critique in Part 1 and another in Part 2, letting Amanda Rose aide you in the development of your choreography.
- Facebook group access to ask questions and communicate with Amanda Rose other members of the Online Intensive. 
- Opportunities to win free Private Lessons, DVDs or discounts on future Online Intensives. 


Instruction Philosophy 

As an instructor my goal is to expand the mind of each of my students, to challenge them with technique that will set them free and teach them skills to allow their own artistic dreams come to fruition. It is never my goal to create dancers that look or dance like me, but to help each student and artist accomplish their own goals by giving them tools that will make the path to their own artistic expression more tangible. I appreciate all styles within the Middle Eastern dance genre, as well as other dance forms, and my desire is to help people express themselves how they wish to be seen regardless of style. I am a firm believer in understanding the roots and origin of movement styles, especially those based in culture and society, and then building your own expression with artistic integrity based in knowledge and thoughtful approach.   


Cost & Registration

This 2 part series, each a 6 week course, includes extensive and in depth information. It includes an Amanda Rose original choreography, technique drills, detail exercises and assignments, personal development activities, an interactive Facebook group to communicate with Amanda Rose and other participants, as well as personal attention from Amanda Rose, a personal choreography critique included in cost, all this included in Part 1 for a cost effective $150!  Students wishing to sign up for Part 1 and Part 2 will receive a discounted rate and will get both series for $250! You will only be given the reduced rate price if you purchase at the same time. If you wait and purchase later, the full price will be applied. 

Part 1 - $150
Part 2 - $150
Part 1 & 2 - $250
(Separate registration for only Part 2 will be opened up later)

Payment can be sent through Paypal or by clicking the button below. Payment plan options will be available in the future to break up the cost of intensives over the period of the training. In order to finalize your registration you must send payment and submit the registration form. Without filling out and submitting the registration form, registration is not complete and you will not be able to start the intensive.


HOW TO REGISTER - New Students & AROnline Alumni

  1. Fill out and submit Musicality Intensive Registration Form found here. Click here to fill out the Musicality Intensive Registration Form. Please indicate if you're doing Part 1, Part 2 or both! This form must be filled out whether or not you're a new student or previous AROnline Alumni
  2. Purchase your spot through the available Paypal buttons below. 
  3. Once you have completed 1 & 2, please fill out and return the following Amanda Rose Online Consent form before the start date of the session. Click here to fill out the Amanda Rose Online Consent form. AROnline Alumni are not required to fill this out a second time, but new students without this form, you will not be permitted to start the session. 
  4. If any of these steps are missing, the participant will not be allowed to start the series. Please make sure you have all of this turned in before your series start date!

Pay In Full

Part 1 & 2 or Only Part 1

The Musicality Intensive - Part 1 & 2

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Payment Plan Part 1 Only

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Thank you so much to all of you for signing the Amanda Rose Online Consent Form. The internet has come a long way in the last 10 years, we are now able to access vast amounts of information, videos, songs,  as well as share, download, post, etc. In order to offer online instruction and protect the artistic works and information here within, I have requested that you submit this form. I appreciate your consideration and understanding in trying to maintain privacy and artistic rights, while still offering quality long distance training and online study to students around the world. 



Make sure you take full advantage of your Amanda Rose Online Intensive! I want you to get the most you possibly can out of your experience. Here are some recommendations:

  • Schedule a weekly time to work on your class material. Just like you would a normal class, if you make a set weekly commitment to practice your AROnline material you're more likely to do so. Almost all students who have taken Amanda Rose Online student have noted this as the hands down more important key to success with these programs.
    Pick/day and time and stick to it! 
  • Ask questions! Interact in the FB Group! Tell me what you think! Staying engaged with the other participants, the FB group and myself will only strengthen your use of the material, the program, and you'll get more out of it!
  • ASK QUESTIONS! No, really! If you have a question, a doubt, or a request make it known! I will do my best to accommodate each student. 
  • Remember that if you ever want extra assistance you can always schedule a private lesson which are available at a reduced price during the course of your Online Intensive or series.
  • The best way to contact me quickly is through FB chat, I will hopefully get back to you in a matter of hours if not less. Keep in mind the time difference between Europe and your location.


At the end of the session I will email out a Feedback Survey, please give me your 2 cents on this format, information and project, so that I can continue to make Amanda Rose Online an effective, enjoyable and seamless online format for dance instruction. If you have immediate feedback or needs please email at anytime.