Ranya Renee will be teaching 3 wonderful workshops while in Phoenix, for a total of 8 hours of intensive study on August 15th & 16th!
Don't miss your chance to study with this master instructor who is world renowned for her innate ability to break down concepts and theory that commonly challenge dancers today.  See her biography for more information about her acting and dance career background.

Workshops will first be sold as a full package deal, and should any spots be left, they will then be opened up and sold a la carte. 

Workshop Topics

August 15th & 16th - Phoenix, Arizona
Saturday 10am- 1pm -
Character-Driven Improvisation in Performance (3hrs)
Sunday 12:15pm- 2:45pm -
“Golden Age” Retro Love (2.5 hrs)
Sunday 3:45- 6:15pm -
Finding Your Baladi Self  (2.5hrs)

Workshops will in full packages and only sold A La Carte if all spots do not fully sell out. 

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Workshop Descriptions

Character-Driven Improvisation in Performance (3hrs) -  Acting for dancers: Practical tools to minimize panic, and maximize your unique expression onstage! The techniques introduced in this workshop will help you work towards a sense of calm mastery in the dance performance, even you don’t know exactly what is coming next, to explore different sides of yourself, build more confidence in your improvisational skills, and give you a place to start when choreographing a new piece for yourself—all driven by CHARACTER. Character work is a liberating vehicle for bringing out different moods in the dance and allowing dancers to tap into universal human emotions to bring them into greater communication with an audience. Angel or devil, princess or warrior, madam or mistress, Samia Gamal or Fifi Abdou, King Tut or James Brown… By wearing different personas, we free ourselves mentally from the constraints of perceived judgment by others, and give ourselves the license to take risks that we might not otherwise have the courage to try. It brings more variety to our show, gets us out of our heads, and keeps the audience on their toes, alert for each new mood we bring. Even working against your own constitutional type, trying something on that “just doesn’t feel like me” is—surprisingly—a valuable key to finding balance in your own performance persona.

Using Ranya’s signature “Breathwork for Performance” technique, you’ll learn how to stay open and keep your energy flowing between your live creative process and your audience, while staying physically grounded and in control. Method and physical acting techniques (body-part-leading, intentional objectives, sense memory) will be applied to Oriental dance technique and to “original gesture”—using everyday or iconic movements and building those into your dance. Solo, partner, and group work will provide us with practice performance situations for inner exploration and audience outreach, in a fun and supportive environment. For all levels.

“Golden Age” Retro Love (2.5 hrs) - This workshop takes inspiration from the relaxed, old-school-feminine technique and feeling of the stars of the black-and-white cinema, including Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, and Tahia Karioka. Traditional Oriental dance aesthetics, balancing high-center (lifted rib cage) and low-center (pelvic- and hip-dominated) movements, and exploring their origination points in the body (muscular vs. skeletal, weight shifts, standard starting directions). We’ll focus on elegant body lines, classical and jazz inflections, and evoke the soft angles and S-shapes of the older style that have somewhat disappeared from contemporary Egyptian dance. Other differences between classic style and modern style will be highlighted as well: From what we know of their dances, classic Golden Age dancers had a very different relationship with the music—expressing the music holistically, guided primarily by the melody line—as compared with today’s rhythm-driven folklore-trained stars. In examining this, Ranya will address how dancers’ musical approaches have changed over the years, and how you can bring the personality of the classic style into your modern oriental dance, for a “refreshment” of styling that will make a unique impression on your audiences. Dancers of all levels are welcome, and experienced dancers especially can enjoy the challenge of simplifying their response to the music, and finding what is “enough” in expressing the joy of the dance. Using the movements we cover, we’ll evolve a structured improvisation/choreography that evokes the Golden Age style.

Finding Your Baladi Self  (2.5hrs) - Juicy, grounded technique for down-home divas! Secrets to developing that quintessential relaxed-and-strong Egyptian feeling in your dance, with a focus on abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, hips and butt, and connection through the legs and the soles of the feet... We’ll pay special attention to how to drive your technique so that your dance can have a more typically Egyptian look, as opposed to a more American one, movement-wise as well as in your musicality. Deep-digging your undulations, circles, and jewels through layers of muscles and postural adjustments…repetition and evolution practice into improvisation skills for accordion taqasim baladi…and how to incorporate your rhythmic approach into your melodic one for even more flow and lusciousness. Along with traditional instrumental taqasim baladi (the most Egyptian and least Westernized part of the classic Oriental dance show), our soundtrack will include classic shaabi stars like Ahmed Adaweya and Hassan al-Asmar, and dancers’ singer Sami Ali, with tons of feeling and sassy attitude. Note: Ranya’s instructional DVD Bellydance Egyptian Style: The Baladi is a great preparation for the workshop, to get an idea of taqasim baladi musical structure and ideas for improvisation, especially if you are new to baladi. Expect to build on the content of the DVD, with deeper movement, muscular, and musical exploration, so you can truly find your own Baladi self!



Workshops will be held at Phoenix Center for the Arts
in the dance studio on the 3rd floor. 

1202 N. 3rd St.,
Phoenix, AZ 8500