RSMC wins 2015 Group Category at Bellydancer Of The Universe Competition!


The Raqs Sharki Movement Collective (RSMC) is a dance company based in Phoenix, Arizona, directed and choreographed by Amanda Rose since 2011. The recent 2015 Champions at Bellydancer of the Universe Competition in the group category, RSMC has gained recognition throughout the country for their dynamic stage blocking, insync choreographies, and high quality raqs sharki presentation. The group was conceived out of the desire to set dynamic choreographies on a dedicated group of dancers, creating and upholding an image of quality and artistic integrity on stage and off. Since its conception RSMC has had the privilege of performing for Randa Kamel, Khaled Mahmoud, Aziza, Issam Houshan, Virginia, Asi Haskal, Osama Emam, Nour & Yasser, Mira Betz, Silvia Salamanca, Elizabeth Strong, Jillina, Kaeshi Chai and so many more, as well as having the unique opportunity to perform on stage with the world renowned Tito Seif. 

After four years, the group is 14 members strong with dancers of many different backgrounds. Known for always bringing a high quality, charismatic and in sync performance, RSMC is known throughout Arizona and beyond for their collaboration of many versatile dancers, joining on stage to produce a united, classy, yet sassy presentation. 

RSMC Members!

Ana Edith, Andrea Lyn, Dara, Erica, Maya, Melisula, Natashia,
Lyn, Velia, Vicki, Victoria, Zara, Zoriy

Past Performances

RSMC has had the privilege to perform throughout Arizona, as well as California and Las Vegas, at choice events featuring some of the best bellydancers in the world. Some past performance highlights include

  • Desert Shakedown 11' RSMC Debut!
  • Plaza Intensive starring Silvia Salamanca & Elizabeth Strong 11'
  • Little Egypt Stars of Spring Los Angeles 12' 
  • Russam al Hassam Concert 12' 
  • Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive 12' 
  • Sadie Marquardt in Tucson 12' 
  • Arab American Festival 12' 
  • American Lebanese Festival 12' 
  • Club Bellydance Bellydance Superstars 13' 
  • Little Egypt Stars of Spring Los Angeles 13' 
  • Plaza Intensive starring Mira Betz 13'
  • Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Friday Night Pro Show 13' 
  • Zikrayat with Egyptian Master Tito Seif 13'
  • An Evening of Dance with Jillina & Ozzy 14'
  • RAKSTAR in Miami 14'
  • An Evening of Dance starring Kaeshi Chai 14'
  • Champions at Bellydancer Of The Universe 15'

See more videos of RSMC on the Gallery - Video page! 

RSMC's Performance Schedule

To see RSMC's current performance schedule see the Workshops & Performances page!