"Reason #1 why you should take Amanda Rose's Workshop... She is a badass dancer!!!!"
- Jillina - Los Angeles, California

"You remind me of Taheya Karioka." 
- Dr. Mo Geddawi - Co-Founder of Reda Troupe - Egypt/Germany

"Amanda Rose is an excellent dance teacher, and during my time that I trained with her, she helped me transform from a shy, withdrawn, timid dancer into a bold, confident dancer willing to take on any challenges. Her teaching techniques are designed to bring her students face to face with their dance struggles and overcome them, and some of my favorite exercises we did include mock class performances, learning simple choreographies and adding personal flair to them, and introductions to a wide variety of music styles and drum patterns. As a result of Amanda Rose’s teaching, I feel confident in choosing appropriate music in my own personal sets. She does not simply teach a dance style, but also teaches the history and context to each style, helping to bring it to life for her students. She has a wealth of knowledge about dance and performance, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to bring their dance to the next level."
- Amaria Selene  - NYC, NY

"Being a professional artist I can really appreciate Amanda Rose's passion for her art. Having studied middle eastern dance forms for many years I have been integrating improv dance into my love of playing the violin and performing. As a perpetual student, I am constantly seeking out different teachers to give their take on how I may integrate dance into what I do in a natural and comprehensible way. I had a wonderful experience with Amanda Rose one on one. She thinks outside the box and I love the ideas she had for me. I have also had the pleasure of taking from her in a workshop environment. Her sharp wit, high energy, and positivity is all accentuated by the level of strength she exudes. Her classes are encouraging and inspiring. Deeper than just moves, she vividly shares her passion for the cultures and emotions behind her journey and craft, integrating it all into a super fun and fast paced class that stimulates your mind, moves your body and enlightens your spirit. Light hearted but straight to business, Amanda Rose has a unique and refreshing take on teaching. I believe she makes her dancers feel special and what a precious gift to share! Since studying with her I have noticed a change in my confidence to create more authentically on a deeper level. She does what a true artist does, creates space for others to thrive while exhibiting mastery and confidence in her own art. Thanks, Amanda Rose!" 
- Teresa Joy - www.TeresaJoy.com 

"Not only is Amanda a talented dancer, she is also a gifted teacher. She is well-rounded and knowledgeable in all aspects of belly dance and will push you and help you grow in any and every area that you are trying to work on. She is the best and most impactful dance teacher I have ever had - learning from her, even in a short time, made me grow in leaps and bounds in my knowledge of raqs sharki and in my dancing. She is wonderful - you WILL improve if you take class from her!"
- Marina Viola - Miami, FL

"Amanda, besides being a very talented dancer is a wonderful teacher with an unique energy that cares for her students! She captivates with the great explanation of the moves showing great technique and how we can get there!" 
- Joana Marques  - Porto, Portugal

"Love taking Skype Lessons w Amanda Rose!!! I wish I lived closer and I would be at all her classes she taught. I have learned a lot of technique from her which has helped strengthened my dancing. She knows a lot the Egyptian style of belly dance, and many of the different styles within the that dance. I am always challenged after her class and inspired to push myself more. I have taken a workshop with her too, and one of the best I might add she is very useful of her time and you learn a lot of tips that polish you as a dancer. I also love watching her dance, that is inspiration enough!"
Emily Marie - Eilat, Israel & Cincinnati, OH