Teaching & Performing Around The World!


April 25th - 28th - Oriental Marathon Festival in Montpellier, France
Amanda Rose will be performing in the World Stars show at Oriental Marathon Festival!

May 3rd-5th - Orientalismo Weekend in Barcelona, Spain
Amanda Rose is an invited guest performer in the International Gala Opening Show at Orientalísimo Weekend!

May 16th - 19th - Budapest in Cairo Festival in Budapest, Hungary
Amanda Rose is a special guest performing in the Friday night gala show at Budapest in Cairo Festival!

June 8th - Workshop at Arabesque Studios in Chicago, USA
Amanda Rose will be teaching a brand new drum solo choreography at Arabesque Studio!

Nov 8th - 10th - Phoenix Rising Festival in Phoenix, Arizona USA
Amanda Rose is a featured workshop instructor and performer at Phoenix Rising Festival!



June 30th - Barcelona, Spain
Amanda Rose will be teaching a workshop on esthetics of emotion in performance. More information here!

July 16th & 18th - Phoenix, AZ - Arizona Reunion!
Amanda Rose returns to Arizona for 2 workshops, 1 specialty class and a special Arizona Reunion Show! More details here!

July 23rd - Chicago, IL - Workshop at Arabesque
Amanda Rose returns to Chicago and will teach a Beledy Breakdown workshop! More details and registration here!

August 25th - Barcelona, Spain
Amanda will be teaching a Shaabi workshop. More information here!


Feb 4th - 7th - Festival Internacional Egipto en Barcelona

May 20th - Fiesta Egipcia - Barcelona, Spain
Fiesta Egipcia Escuela de Munique Neith

July 18th - 25th - Cairo, Egypt Raqs of Course Festival
Amanda Rose is an honored special guest performer in Egypt's best international dance festival, Raqs of Course!

Aug 18th - 20th - Serbia - Oriental Love presented by Leila of Serbia
Amanda Rose is honored to be a special guest performer in this unique festival presented by Leila of Serbia

The 2015 Tour


Jan 7th - Boston, Massachusetts 
Amanda Rose joins Jillina and Bellydance Evolution for their East Coast Tour! w.b.ww.BellydanceEvolution.com

Jan 9th-13th - New York, New York
Amanda Rose joins Jillina and Bellydance Evolution at APAP Showcases in New York City! 


Feb 13th-15th - Long Beach, California
Amanda Rose will be attending the Bellydancer Of The Universe Competition of which she is a proud Champion of the 2008 Egyptian Category. 

Feb 20th-22nd - Denver, Colorado
Amanda Rose will be teaching and performing with Andrus Ramirez of Florida in an event hosted by Khadijah and Zaheerah in Denver, CO. Click here to sign up for workshops and more information. 



Mar 6th-8th - Granada, Spain
Amanda Rose will be teaching, performing and a competition judge at Raks Fantasy Festival in Granada, Spain. More information at at www.raksfantasy.com 

Mar 21st - Tucson, AZ
Amanda Rose returns to Tucson for another workshop installment and show! www.BellydanceTucson.com


April 11th - North Hollywood, California 
Jillina will host Amanda Rose at the brand new Evolution Studio in North Hollywood for a workshop on Layers, Traveling and Levels! Sign  up here! http://jillinashop.com/collections/workshops

April 12th - North Hollywood, California
Raqs Sharki Movement Collective and Amanda Rose will be hosted by Jill Collins for two shows on the subject of Cathartic Art. Tickets can be purchased on http://www.eventbrite.com/e/cathartic-art-tickets-15837702996?aff=eac2


April 15th - New York, New York
Amanda Rose performs at Jebon in New York City, along side Samantha and Puela to live music by Beatbox Guitar! Details here! 

April 16th-19th - New York, New York
NYCairo starring Randa Kamel, Mohamed Shahin, Mercedes Nieto, Jehan Kamal, Faren Ben Azira and Elena Ramazanova! Amanda Rose will be a featured performer in the gala show to a live orchestra! More information at www.nycairo.com



June 6th & 7th - Los Angeles, California
Amanda Rose will be teaching at performing at Cairo Shimmy Quake at Glendale Civic Auditorium! Check http://www.cairoshimmyquake.com/ for more information!

June 19th - Phoenix, Arizona
Amanda Rose & RSMC will be performing their award winning Bellydancer of the Universe Competition piece 
at the Silvia Salamanca Showcase at Phoenix Center for the Arts. Click here to purchase tickets!

June 28th - San Francisco, California
Hosted by Ahava, Amanda Rose will be teaching her first Bay Area workshop in San Francisco
at Mission Dance Theatre! Sign up at www.AhavaBellydance.com


Aug 15th & 16th - Phoenix, Arizona
Amanda Rose will host acclaimed superstar Ranya Renee of New York for a weekend of workshops and gala show!
For registration and more information click here!

Aug 28th-30th - Springfield, MO
Naia will host Amanda Rose for a workshop and show weekend! Details coming soon! 


Amanda Rose is relocating to Barcelona, Spain! Stay tuned for future tour dates!


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